Weight loss for anyone can be challenging, especially during the teen years, because of all the hormonal changes. However, these years are an ideal time to set up lifelong healthy-eating habits. You can help your teen to lose weight.

Here’s how.

1. Downplay weight loss for teens in favor of encouraging healthy living. Instead of nagging your teen to exercise more or to avoid junk food, encourage healthy interests. Fortunately, there are plenty of active video games and other activities that are in vogue among teens right now.

They are also very interested in vegetarianism and other alternative eating styles these days. It should be very easy to get your teen interested in them. Who knows, these trends may soon filter through the rest of your family.

2. Tell your teen the dangers of fad diets and weight loss pills.

Teens live for the current moment and so weight loss for teens is a constant battle against the quick fix. Explain to your teen that many weight loss pills and potions can be potentially harmful, especially if they are not taken according to directions.

Explain that these products can also be very expensive and often the weight comes right back when people stop taking them. Also explain the very real health dangers of fad diets.

3. Make weight loss for teens a family affair. Get the junk food out of the house and only keep healthy snacks on hand. Set aside time for a family bike ride or walk.

Get the entire household to work together to clean the house or work in the yard. These group activities foster teamwork and family pride. They are also great for one-on-one talks. You may find your teen opening up to you in ways he or she never has before.

4. Avoid celebrity weight-loss stories.  Teens are very much a product of the culture in which we live. Unfortunately, ultra-thin celebrities take center stage in that culture.

Weight-loss for teens often means they are trying to match that look when their bodies are just not made the same way. Explain that while celebrities often must be thinner than the general public (because photography seemingly adds pounds), they are not necessarily healthier or happier.

5. Bring out your teen’s inner beauty.

Weight for teens is often a matter of self-esteem and self-image. Encourage him or her to accentuate the best features and de-emphasize other areas. Take her for a subtle make-over at a local day spa. Take him to a men-only hair studio or clothing store and let the personnel there give him some tips. Make a day of it and have some fun. Your teen will be able to see him or herself in a whole new light, and you will too.

Weight-loss for teens is an important issue, probably the one they focus on the most. By emphasizing their positive traits and encouraging healthy habits, you can help your teen be attractive and happy, both now and in adulthood.

By Bethann

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