One particular of the main causes of a vehicle stalling with the A/C on is a seized compressor. If there’s screeching, using tobacco, stalling and the air blows heat out of the vents whenever the AC is turned on it truly is a superior guess that the compressor has locked up. If there is just a belt squealing but the vehicle would not stall and the AC cools, far more than very likely the belt or the tensioner is worn. The most probably cause of a automobile not idling superior enough and occasionally stalling with the A/C turned on with out any of the other troubles mentioned can be an IAC (Idle Air Command) motor.

*Continue to keep in head the compressor could be hot to the contact when examining.

How to test for a locked up or seized compressor

  1. Try out to transform the clutch plate (on the close of the cpompressor).
  2. Working with a socket on the nut that holds the clutch plate on – see if it can be turned.
  3. Search for signals of the clutch plate around-heating discoloration.

If the belt is unfastened it may well be for the reason that of a worn serpentine belt tensioner, but this on your own would not induce the car to stall. A sticking IAC motor can cause the motor vehicle to stall. An IAC motor generally will get carbon develop up that can induce sticking. If the idle isn’t going to go up when the AC is turned on the engine can stall. Many periods if this is the issue, the IAC motor can be taken out from the throttle entire body and cleaned with a brush and gasoline injector spray and then re-installed.

By Bethann

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