I have been involved in educating people on website traffic generation for sometime now, yet I find out that people still encounter bottlenecks generating traffic to their sites. In commerce there are two sides of the coin; the buyers and the sellers: being linked together by product and services, the ultimate aim of any service and product provider is to get their products and services to the buyer, in other words traffic must get to your site so your products and service can be seen. So the technique of generating traffic is an inevitable tool online business.

The internet is overwhelming with all kinds of systems and programs that promises to generate unrealistic traffic at all kinds of cost. The greatest challenge facing most people online is the huge financial budget involved in traffic generation. I think for a start you don’t need money to generate traffic,” You Can Generate Traffic without spending. Below are tested and proven ways you can put to work almost immediately and your once dull sites becomes animated.

1. Give testimonials.

This involves giving comments and endorsing other people’s products. As you use other people’s products, send a quick email to the person telling him how much valuable or helpful his product was to you. Soon you will be having people putting your testimonies on their high traffic sites with a link back to your site. Always ensure that the testimonies you give relates to your niche market. It will sound odd if you give a weight loss product when you are in a automobile niche.

2. Post comments in forums and blogs.

This involves posting comments on high traffic blogs by other people in your niche. People get to

see your comments and don’t forget to leave your signature which includes your link. Forum could be helpful, join high traffic forums and become a regular commentator, you will soon discover that you will easily get noticed and generate traffic to your site, especially through your signature. Always make relevant comments. Never market yourself directly.

3. Writing Articles.

This is the secret the gurus’ use, they never stop writing. You can write your way to the top. They leave their footprints and stamp their presence everywhere. In my years in this interesting world of online business, writing has been my most viral means of generating traffic.

Write articles and submit it to online magazines like ezine.Reader of your articles will naturally click on your website link at the end of your article.

The secret of success here is to write lots and lots of articles. Write an article a day and in 3 months you will become a brand online, the search engines will feel your presence and the probability of being noticed by searchers all over the world becomes higher.

If you do not know how to write articles, get PLR articles, edit them to make it unique, it is necessary because others will be using the same articles, its important that you should have something unique to offer.

Put all these steps to test and you will be dazed that your sites will start getting hits.

By Bethann

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