These days everyone is subjected to huge work pressures, and it is a necessity; no doubt about it. But life shouldn’t always be about work and no play. So the question here really is, are you enjoying your life to the fullest? Most probably the answer would be no, and the clich├ęd excuse for that will no doubt be the lack of time.

Travelling has always been a great stress buster

For centuries, people have been travelling for work or pleasure, and that is mainly the reason why the travelling industry has experienced such a boom consistently. Not all travel destinations are of the same kind and nor are the ways of travelling. Some might choose a more luxurious way while some, who have as sense of adventure in them, will choose another way. Travelling through cars, trains or planes will always appeal to most people but for those who like a bit of thrill and excitement, campervans are the best choice.

Reasons why caravans or motorhomes are so appealing

• Transportable: Obviously as a vehicle they are transportable but the main difference from other cars or trucks is that these are made suitable for long distance travelling. It’s not like your usual car where after driving around for a while your back and legs start to ache.

• Accommodation: Rather than being just a regular vehicle, they are more of a moving accommodation. The fact that you could practical live in it makes it even more special and appealing

• Freedom: Unlike, in conventional tours, you are free to move anywhere you like without any restriction. If you are travelling afar, you can just stop at any place you like and camp out to spend some time there.

• No cost of hotels: Travelling through caravans will diminish the whole cost of living in hotels which tends to be increasing day by day.

• Near the nature: One of the biggest drawing points of these vehicles is the fact that you will be much nearer to nature. Just imagine living right under a star-studded sky in the beach. The view will dazzle your mind.

There is no denying the fact that these “moving homes” can serve you a lot if you are travelling to a destination where you want to explore new regions on your own. Without the worry of escalating costs or planning to accommodate your travel according to others, you can now roam around freely according to our desires in these multipurpose vehicles.

Sure, there are perks of organized travel as you get to enjoy a much more relaxed trip without worrying about what places to visit. This is more preferable to those who have a very short holiday period and want get on with it immediately.

By Bethann

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