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Even if you are an excellent rider, the negligence done by another motorist can cause significant discomfort and frequently result in an accident. In India, obtaining a permanent driving license is the only way to be allowed to ride a bike. In India, there were more than 1.58 lakh accidents in 2020.  The rising number of fatalities is thought to be primarily caused by rash driving and poor road conditions. 

Take the Necessary Precautions

Prevention is preferable to treatment. Instead of avoiding them, it’s essential to take preventative measures. While riding the bike, wear the appropriate protective gear, including a helmet. Choose a bike that you feel comfortable riding as well. Don’t buy a bike just because you like the way it looks. Keep your safety and comfort in mind. Check the weather before leaving, and avoid riding through flooded areas. Make sure you buy bike insurance to protect yourself from financial losses.

Ensure the Safety of Everyone

Ensure that everyone involved in the accident is safe, whether you or a third party was to blame. If someone is hurt, unresponsive, or unstable, dial 102 immediately. Obtain hospitalisation if necessary. If the situation is under control and no one is broken, you and the third party should take a step back and let the police and the insurance company handle the situation’s resolution.

Keep First Aid Supplies Close at Hand

Ensure to carry a first aid kit on hand when biking. Scooters have storage compartments to keep the necessary medical supplies on hand. You can install a separate room just for bikes. You can benefit from the first aid kit in the event of an accident. 

Make a Police Call and Submit an FIR

Inform the police immediately and file an FIR if necessary if you or a third party has caused an accident. Give all the required details, including the accident’s date and time, any third parties involved, its cause, etc. Before the police arrive, stay put at the scene of the accident. 

Click Pictures of the Scene of the Accident

Snap photos of the accident scene, including the harm to your bike and the other vehicle. Also, document any injuries you, the other party, or anyone else involved has sustained. This will be beneficial when you submit a claim.

Alert the Insurance Provider

Within 24 hours of the collision, notify the insurance provider. Give information about the involved third party and your insurance. Inform them of the incident and send photographic documentation. The insurance provider will examine the information provided and offer you the coverage. Personal accident insurance must be purchased, regardless of whether you have comprehensive or third-party bike insurance. Owner-riders are protected by private accident insurance in the event of a fatality, permanent disability, or other injury due to an accident.  You can handle and check all aspects of your insurance by checking for a bike insurance app download. ^

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^ Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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