MAN Trucks India Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of MAN Truck & Bus AG, is a reputed organization that produces some of the most durable and popular vehicles. From trucks to busses and from utility vehicles to cargo autos, the company is a leading manufacturer of a range of automobiles. It has an advanced manufacturing unit in Pithampur in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which has a production capacity of 24,000 vehicles annually.

We explore the products manufactured by the organization.

Cargo Range: Cargo vehicles are used for the purpose of transporting goods. These include trucks, vans, lorries, coaches, trailers, and more. The ace Indian auto manufacturer makes an array of autos in this segment. Some of the most popular models include CLA 49.280 6×4 Prime Mover, CLA 49.220 Prime Mover, CLA 40.280 4×2 Prime Mover, CLA 40.220 4×2 Prime Mover, MAN CLA 31.220 8×2 Chassis with Cab, CLA 25.220 6×2 Chassis with Cabin, and more.

Construction Range: Used in the construction industry, this segment includes heavy-duty vehicles, which have been made especially to execute construction tasks, which usually involve earthwork operations. These are also known as heavy trucks, heavy machines, construction equipment, heavy hydraulics, and engineering equipment.

The most admired products made by the ace automobile manufacturer in this segment include Transit Concrete Mixers, Transit Concrete Mixer with Conveyor Belt, Concrete Boom Pump, Mobile Batching Plant, Truck Mounted Crane, Tip Trailer & Bulkers, and more.

Tipper Range: Tipper or dump trucks are automobiles used for transportation of loose materials, especially in the construction industry. Operated by hydraulics, these are available in various models and are built to fulfil diverse tasks.

The various products from MAN available in this segment include 16.220 4×2 Box Body Construction, 16.220 4×2 Rock Body Mining, 25.220 6×4 On Road Construction (6 Speed), 25.220 6×4 Box Body Construction (9 Speed), 25.280 6×4 Box Body Construction, 25.280 6×4 Rock Body Mining, 31.280 8×4 Box Body Construction, and the 31.280 8×4 Rock Body Mining Tipper.

Public Utility Vehicles: These motorized automobiles are designed to perform specific tasks for the benefit of the public at large. These include fire fighting autos, sewage cleaners, road cleaners, and much more.

MAN produces a gamut of vehicles in this segment, such as Water Tenders, Foam Tenders & Nursers, Sewer Cleaners/ Jetting Units, Turntable Ladder/ Aerial Platform Ladders, Refinery/ Industrial Foam Tenders, DCP Tenders, Garbage Compactors, Road Sweepers, and Rescue Vehicles/ Water Canon/ Riot Control Vehicles.

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