Mitsubishi Outlanders are developed by the world’s renowned company and famous motor makers- The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. Mitsubishi Outlander is a compact crossover SUV and it was introduced in Japan almost a decade ago, in the year 2001. Earlier, it was known as Mitsubishi Airtek and also Mitsubishi ASX. The design of Mitsubishi Outlander is based on Mitsubishi ASX (Active Sports Crossover) along with the style of XUV. These Outlanders were created in order to give better features to the drivers in terms of driving and mileage and comfort. The model has unique features and is equipped with all-season abilities with off-road abilities with high ground clearance. Mitsubishi Outlander has 4-wheel drive and this is the best for emissions, size and economy including the mileage and looks.

The outstanding outlander from Mitsubishi is created for better performance and this semi automatic car is one of the best cars. When you drive this, you will realize that you have crossed something that you did not cross earlier- you will cross the limit of your ultimate experience. This joy of owning an Outlander will make you and your family feel great about it. When these outlanders were launched, the market of cars went down and the sales of these models were high. They have started gaining a lot of reputation along with revenue. It was also known as the revenue generating model. The sales went up more than 89% alone in the year 2001 and in 2002, it went up to 94% respectively.

The first generation Mitsubishi Outlanders were introduced in the year 2001, in the month of June and were named as Mitsubishi Airtrek. The price of this model was about 3 Million Yens. There were 2 variants- 126 PS (93kw) 4G63 and 139 PS (102 kw) 4G64 L GDI. The semi automatic transmission was sophisticated and these variants were considered as the best in automobile industry. The 4-wheel drive variant of Mitsubishi Airtrek has normal features and the front and rear axles were used for high performance. In the year 2002, a new revolution came up when the company introduced Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution with 4G63T 2.0 L trubo. The engine of this car produced more 240 PS (180 kw) and 343 N.m (lb.ft).

The Mitsubishi Outlander gained a lot of popularity in the year 2003 and many people preferred this model. One of the main reasons was that the youth preferred this for racing after dark. Yes, there were people who used to use this model for racing. The extra protection and comfort of this car were the best features. People even customized and modified this model with stickers and various funky things. You have to make sure about the rates before you go for this model. However, if you compare prices then the prices are too less and also, the performance is the best. So, what do you think? Do you prefer price or performance? The choice is yours!

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