The Automotive industry of Norway: The popular brands!

Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It is developed in all the aspects that make a country prosperous. The economic stability of this region is due to the strategic use of its resources which has ultimately led to an increase in the living standards of its people. The high buying power of Norway’s citizens means they can afford expensive vehicles from the most renowned car companies in the world. You can check out ReviewsBird to learn which dealers, showrooms, or brands are popular and the ones you can go with.

The automotive industry in Norway can be described as thriving after looking at the massive number of cars sold yearly. The vehicle sector in Norway is dominated by the following:

  1. Tesla

Recent years have seen a drastic shift toward electric cars in Norway. Statistics show that this car’s sales in 2021  rose by 133.5% compared to 2020. It was the best-selling car brand in Norway. With the transition to a ‘clean energy’ source for powering vehicles, the Tesla was an instant hit in Norway. Because most locals could afford this car, hundreds eagerly exchanged their previous ones for it. They also successfully avoided the heavy taxation and prices of diesel and petrol. If you want to buy this car and it exceeds your budget, you should consider getting a loan in Norway.

  1. Volkswagen

This car company is second in highest sales during the year 2021. The electric cars from this company are also best-sellers in Norway. The luxury cars manufactured by this company are famous worldwide. This company contributes significantly to the automotive industry of Norway as its people are powerfully attracted to electric cars because of the minimal taxation enforced. Hence, Learning about car services in Norway will also be helpful for you.

  1. Toyota

You will see many people driving Toyotas on the roads of Norway. The locals buy the vehicles of this brand for the same reason that other countries’ citizens do, and the primary reason is affordability. The vehicles produced by Toyota have standard features and systems that a customer looks for in any car. The streets of many cities are full of Toyota vehicles, including trucks and vans. 

  1. Volvo

Another prominent car brand in Norway, the exquisite cars manufactured by this company are common in Norway. People prefer Volvo cars because of the specifications, such as safety features and spacious seats. The style and build of these cars are appreciated by their users, who love the ‘uniqueness’ of their design. 

  1. BMW

Who doesn’t dream of owning such a luxurious car? The brand name and justified posh quality of BMWs prompt many people to buy them, as statistics show how famous this company is in Norway due to its durability, reliability, and many other things.


While Norway is a country self-sufficient in all aspects of the industry, it is a small manufacturer of automobiles. Only a little is known about their local companies, as the global brands mentioned above in the text are leading sellers among Norwegians. One name that appears on the internet is Zyru’s Engineering which mainly makes sports cars with some modifications. That is all about the automotive industry in Norway; we hope it helps. 

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