Teen sex is getting more like fashion everyday, meaning, if you are not wearing the latest in clothes designs then you are behind the times, it is because of this that young girls/boys feel obligated to participate because it is the in thing to do. Teen sex it is not about love, it is more like trying out something new for the first time and when you have finished – move on. Sex is sex, but to make love is a nicer way to describe two people coming together in body unison where the sex has meaning. Teen sex if in comparison with fashion is ideal if you not only wear clothes but a condom too.

What happened to the birds and bees, have they taken flight? Many moons ago the yarn about the birds and the bees was taken very seriously by parents who believed when children reached puberty was a time of importance to enlighten them on premature sexual encounters and the consequences.

Long gone are the days where yesterday’s child – innocent in thought enjoyed passing the hours away playing hide and seek or hop scotch with their special hand picked stone, Children have now become victims of the twentieth century, tarnished in thought. Kids nowadays live their life in rebellious mode, choosing to rebel against having a childhood full of happiness. Many kids know not of the difference between happiness and ignorance because of the way they are programmed. Ignorance prevails in the way of turning a deaf ear to teen sex advice off mum and dad while knocking back alcohol and a fag hanging out of their mouth, or worse still getting high on drugs and not to mention indulging in unprotected boy girl hanky panky behind the bike shed.

Sadly for some parent’s their hands are tied when teaching right from wrong because their kids don`t want to hear about the birds the bees anymore, they want to do what they do, if this be the case then a different approach is advisable to help put your kids on the straight and narrow in relation to having sexual intercourse after their pacifier has not long been discarded. For the parents of a teen sex addict who enjoys having sex before that of playing a card game of snap needs to take drastic action. Some parents find it hard to accept that their children who not long out of nappies them self are close to making babies.

Crucial decisions have to be made by these parents whose beliefs are firmly steadfast to yesterday’s upbringing, meaning, if their child becomes rebellious and chooses to regularly couple with different partners having teen sex, then you have learn to accept that this is the twentieth century and guide them on matters of importance, safe sex. This may sound like you are encouraging the child, when in fact you are saving them from self inflicted harm. Acceptance of a new today and tomorrow leaving yesterday behind will certainly help. Life is not so complicated when you have a better understanding on the changes in the world and your child.

No parent can have the perfect child “no one is perfect”, you may bet every mother and father who seeks perfection in their children will have something hidden in the closet.

The best advice for parents of a promiscuous child is to work alongside them, meaning, if what you say is going unheeded then point them in the right direction for them to maintain a healthy well being. Unprotected sex can lead to an unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, both of which can destroy a life in more ways than one, i.e. having a baby at such a young age with no partner to help raise the child or where an untreated STD can be fatal.

America is noted for having the highest rates of teen pregnancies .Because of teen sex – pregnancy valuation costs in the US totals to approximately $7 billion a year. A staggering 34% of young women fall pregnant at least once by the time they reach 20 years old..

Teen mothers are less likely to complete high school. Figures show that eighty percent of unmarried teen mums rely upon state benefits..

Children need to be taught sooner than later about the dangers of unprotected sex, depending on age group details of man woman and intimacy needs careful planning. It is important you are full of knowledge and in a position to explain about STDs. No knowledge on the facts can hamper your best intentions to help the child instead of putting the fear of god up them.

Unwanted pregnancy, they say you learn by mistakes; however mistakes as such can not be brushed aside, so as a parent you need to sweep any embarrassment regarding sex education under the carpet for to help give your child any chance of having a squeaky clean upbringing.

Some parents find this matter hard to discuss with their children but if your child`s health is at risk then those nonsensical red blushes need to disappear so that you don`t have to take on the role of granny and granddad before your hair turns gray.

By Bethann

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