I have been riding road bikes for 8 years, and this is my first offroad bike.

I few guys around my area had various different pit bikes ranging in price and engine size. I was looking for something of good quality at a low price and was recommend the Akuma Assassin.

What can I say about the Akuma Assassin 125cc, but it is also available with a 110cc engine.

I bought mine online from Pure Rush.

I spent a lot of time looking online for the best pit bike, and listened to advice from different sources which was conflicting.

I decided on the Akuma because it seemed to have a lot of brand names for a very appealing price tag.

The Akuma features a 125cc Lifan engine, mikuni carb, sdg hubs.

On firs ride, i found it tricky to get used to the bikes massive acceleration. This was overwhelming and surprising from a machine this size.

I read a few reviews commenting on the rear suspension, and although I agree it is not the best on the market, it was fine for field use but would recommend upgrading if jumping.

Overall the bike delivers delivers delivers. It is a bargain for what you pay, and i would crown it the UK’s best value pit bike for sure.

If you want a bike thats packed out with brand names at a modest price, this is your best bet.

The other good thing with the Akuma, is the brand has been around for several years, so servicing and spare parts will never be a problem.

By Bethann

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