What is the Reed Magnetic Motor and how can it generate electricity out of almost nothing? How can you develop your own electricity, just like Troy Reed did?

Troy Reed’s Magnetic Motor

Troy Reed is an inventor from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who in 1989 launched the prototype of his 35 year-long personal project – a 7 kilowatt electricity generator based on magnetic motor technology.

Magnetic motors work by converting the forces due to magnetism (from several strategically placed magnets) into rotary motion. This can then be easily converted into electricity. They do this thanks to an area of fringe physics known as “zero point”. Nikola Tesla, the “grandfather of electricity” and Albert Einstein researched this area extensively.

Troy Reed’s Surge Car

As a showcase of this technology, Reed decided that the best way to show it off would be in the form of one of America’s most loved things – the automobile.

He teamed up with ethical Hollywood actor, Dennis Weaver, to showcase a prototype of a car running with the technology. Videos of it can be seen all over the internet if you search for them.

Unfortunately, the Surge Car was a commercial flop before mass production even started. Nobody really understands why it never became a success but some people think that the project was canned and a major battery manufacturer bought out all of Reed’s technology from him.

How To Create Your Own Reed Magnetic Generator

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own magnetic generator that is capable of producing 7 kilowatts, more than enough for the vast majority of homes?

Unfortunately, Reed never released full schematic designs of his technology. It would be extremely difficult to even attempt to reverse engineer any of his working demonstration models. However, you can still construct your own device because you can obtain a step-by-step instructional guide that will show you exactly how to make a device within just a few days (and not 35 years like Troy Reed).

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