If you are looking to use the popular design technique of pinstriping, there are supplies you will need to create the best look possible. Pinstriping can be very difficult if you are not prepared with the proper tools. Ever since the 1950’s, pinstriping has been a common way of decorating basically any vehicle. As time went on, pinstriping has come a long way and is even used to decorate custom motorcycles. There are many methods that can be used for pinstriping and it is important that you understand how the supplies work for future pinstriping projects.

To begin with, one of the first items to add to your list of pinstriping supplies is the brush. Typically, the brushes have a precision handle that provides comfort and an ease of painting the stripes. The bristles can vary in their thickness in order to create a variety of designs. Some of them have been designed to be extremely thin in order to create a contrast between the lines as well as allow you to make intricate, interesting designs. Especially if you are using these pinstriping supplies to paint on a custom motorcycle, the more unique the design, the better.

Different color paints are also obvious but important supplies. Basecoat striping paints can be very important when creating the perfect colors. The best part about pinstriping is selecting colors that set off the background of the bike as well as the other colors that are used. Basecoat paints can help achieve that perfect look while preventing rust. Enamel will also be needed to help make the design shine and give a glossy look.

While actually painting, you will want to have pinstriping supplies such as stencil tape, small sticks to mix the paint colors and even pinstriping kits. All of the supplies will help make painting the stripes much neater and help the process move faster. However, if you decide to create the pinstripes freehand, you will not need stencil tape or templates because these are solely used for those who do not want to paint the design themselves or may not be the most artistic.

Other important pinstriping supplies include those that aid in keeping the brushes themselves. It is likely you will use the brushes more than once and so, you will want to have supplies that help keep the brushes working after the first use. Stoddard solvent is important because after use, you will be required to soak the brushes to remove excess paint. If you do not have this solvent, the brushes will harden and you will not be able to use them again.

As with any project, it is important to have the necessary supplies available to you. Being prepared allows the project to go a lot faster. Especially with pinstriping, supplies can be very important because the design may not come out as you planned.

By Bethann

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