In the past, the water pump was not the essential spare part of the automobile engine. At that time, the used medium for the liquid cooling is pure water. Sometimes, in order to prevent the freeze, a little wood spirit would be added. The circulation of the cooling water completely depended on the natural phenomenon namely heat convection. After the cylinder absorbed the heart, the cooling water would naturally flow upward and enter the top of the radiator. When the cooling water became cold, the water would naturally sink to the bottom of the radiator and enter the under-part of the cylinder block. On the basis of this principle, the cooling task can be finished. But with the development of the technology, the water pump is added to the cooling system in order to make the cooling water flow more quickly.

At present the centrifugal water pump is often used in the cooling system of the automobile engine. The most suitable installation position for the water pump is the bottom of the cooling system. However, most of this pump is installed in the middle of the cooling system and a few are installed in the top of the engine. There is a fault for the pump that is set up in the top of the engine. It easily results in the cativation. No mater where the pump is, its water amount is quite large.

From the perspective of service life, the biggest change for this pump is its ceramic seal component. Compared with the rubber or leather seal component, the ceramic seal is more wear-resistant, but it is easily abraded by the hard particle in the cooling water. Although a lot of measures are taken to prevent the problems of the pump seal, up to now these problems can not be solved completely. Once the seal suffers from the leakage, the lubrication of the water pump bearing will be washed out.

In the past twenty years, the durability of the automobile has been improved greatly. Can the service life of this pump be prolonged? It is hard to answer the question. There are still a great number of jobs that should be done for the water pump. Generally speaking, the fault diagnosis of the water pump is relatively easy. When the cooling system suffers from the leakage, people can smell the odor of the anti-freeze fluid. But people should further inspect it again and investigate whether there is leakage in the Water Pump Seal. The water leakage is the main problem for the water pump. The noise is the second problem. Once there is water leakage or noise, the radiator will be damaged. In a word, it is of great necessary to maintain the water pump regularly.

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