What is the difference between these two relationships? Short distance relationships are right there in your face all the time. You do not have to call them to talk to them or see them they can be right there in just a few minutes of walking or driving or riding a bike there. The man or woman does not have to travel so far to see you all the time.

They might need to go a couple miles but not that far. The man and woman can go out on dates and have fun with each other going bowling or to the movies. With all this for the short distance relationship there are still faults to it as well. The man or woman can still cheat on their boyfriend or girlfriend right under their nose and will find out a lot sooner than with a long distance relationship. They can still make you cry and make you hurt just as a long distance relationship can and sometimes does.

In many relationships it is hard to deal with loving someone so much it hurts you or makes you want to cry. Most ask themselves questions before they get into a relationship to begin with. They might ask themselves is this the right person to be with right now? Will I be happy with this man or woman? Can I let myself be happy with them? Will I get hurt? Will I hurt them if I get into this relationship? Same applies in a long distance relationship just with a farther distance.

Long distance relationships are harder to maintain it takes both persons sheer will power to keep it going. It takes determination hard work and a lot of love between both people to make the farther apart relationship work out so well. Working on the longer distance relationship takes a lot of will power and a lot of love you still ask yourself all the say questions you do with short distances relationships, but you also ask yourself more than those basic questions.

Questions such as: Can they wait for me if they really love me? Can they love me from so far away? How will it work with us being so far apart? Those are just a few questions running through a persons mind when thinking about going into a long distance relationship. Yes both types are hard relationships to maintain but there are also the facts that shorter the distance the easier it really is because with the short distances you are least can see each other when you want.

You do not have to wait hours upon hours to see each other or drive a long distance to get to one another. Long distance relationships have more work involved to keep them active. They use the phone on the internet and text messaging on phones back and forth just to keep the relationship in contact with one another. The biggest thing with a long distance relationship is the people have to trust each other not to cheat or hurt one another while they are not face to face with each other. So there is an upside to both relationships both can be successful and the down side they both could fail you just never know.

By Bethann

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