There are a lot of industries that require working out of vehicles. Most of us know that tradies use their utes and 4wd vehicles to haul all the tools and equipment needed on job sites, but those working in industries other than construction, plumbing, etc. use their 4x4s for work too.

Regardless of which industry, good storage in your vehicle is essential for efficient, organised work. For those looking to have 4wd storage drawers installed into their vehicle, make sure that you will get the best use out of them.

Looking for the best deal

Each industry will have specifics that you should follow. When looking for 4×4 drawer systems for sale in your area consider what uses you prioritise. Here are a few industries where 4wd storage drawers are useful.


Photography is a major industry that requires a lot of equipment to be transported to locations. With storage drawers you now have a safe place to keep your bulbs, lenses, wipes even backdrops and staging. If you want to get into video recording and editing, having these drawers will also allow you to manage a small mobile recording studio in your vehicle.

Mobile Repair Shops

For those who run a mobile repair shop, locating the perfect 4×4 drawer systems for sale can really be a challenge. For example, if you are travelling into areas that are not so safe, having extra security options on your drawers may be needed. The last thing that you want to have happen is for you to be fixing something and someone ripping you off.

With mobile repair shops, you will also be in need of power sources. Having drawers where you can store batteries or even create transportable battery workstation is ideal. There are a lot of great uses for these drawers and if your industry can support it, they are a wise investment.

Entertainment industry

The entertainment industry is another great one that can use these storage drawers. Businesses such as caterers, performers and artists can really get a lot out of having a storage system in their vehicles. If you are an entertainer you can have drawers filled with costumes, props, CDs and DVDs, video playback equipment and much more.

Making the investment

You have seen so far that there are several industries that will value greatly from these drawers. If you have a 4×4 vehicle or other anything that could support storage drawers, then these can be a wise investment. With the ability to customise these drawers is a major selling point for most owners.

Customised features

There are also a lot of customised features that you can have. In some situations, you can include power, heating and cooling units and much more. The options are limitless. When looking for customisation options, talk to your sales representative about what is possible. Some options that are available may be the point that will get you motivated and willing to purchase a drawer system for your vehicle.

By Bethann

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