Every professional looks forward to settle in a city that can help him with his career and the criteria seems fair enough. Reviewing the cities that ensure you great career opportunities and finally settling for the one that holds the best for your professional aspirations sounds good. So, if you also have been on the spree of looking at different Indian cities for ideal prospects for your career, you need to read on.

In India, you would find various jobs, companies and industries where you could fit in. However, to get into the most suitable profiles and companies, it will require you to move to some other cities like Bangalore or Chennai. These metropolitan cities look wealthy when it comes to opting for career choices available here. In the last few years, these employment hubs have attracted a large pool of job seekers from different parts of the nation. IT, manufacturing, biotechnology, automobile and aerospace have made a major contribution to growth of Bangalore and Chennai in terms of offering job opportunities.

Thus, to make the picture more clear, we need to have a close look at the employment opportunities available in these Indian cities.


The potential of this city comes from its strengthened position in IT sector. Housing more than 900 IT firms, Silicon Valley of India employs 35% of India’s IT professionals. Besides, the city is also acknowledged for highest IT related exports. Apart from the IT sector, manufacturing, biotechnology and aviation come up as other sectors that make it a city popular among job seekers. A significant contribution from all these sectors results in a large number of new jobs every year. This gets validated with last year’s figure that say Bangalore witnessed a hike of 12% in the number of new jobs created here. Most of these jobs were in IT, academics, banking, construction, financial services, HR, advertising, event management, real estate, retail and telecom.


Once ranked as one of the fastest growing cities in the world, Chennai offers alluring job opportunities to both entrants and experienced individuals. The economic base of this city connects it to automobile, software services, hardware manufacturing, health care and financial services industries. It is even considered the base for 30 percent of India’s automobile industry and 40 percent of auto components industry.

These Indian cities not just top the charts in terms of offering career opportunities but also in ensuring a great lifestyle. The professionals, who are being offered jobs in Chennai or Bangalore should consider relocating. The kind of living they will be assured in any of these cities is impressive. So, why not take the little pain of relocating and experiencing a life that matches your aspirations.

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