CPA marketing or the Cost Per Action marketing is a marketing strategy that follows the same format as the PPC or Pay Per Click. The difference is just you are not paid just by clicking. You only get paid whenever a viewer of your ad takes a valid action. Most of the times, this requires filling out certain information such as email address and names – the lead that is being paid by CPA advertisers.

In CPA network, it basically handles various CPA campaigns and advertisements. Whenever you are accepted in to the network, you have the option to choose which from these ads you want to pick up and put on your website.

As an Internet marketer, you may be aware that the most challenging part of building this kind of business is to drive and attract traffic to your websites. Because of the advancement of today’s society, marketers have already focused their marketing strategies online. Though it is true that online marketing provides us seemingly limitless opportunities, integrating some essential keys of offline marketing is still an excellent way to drive traffic to CPA offers and maximize your profit.

Never think that just because you are working online, all the solutions regarding your online traffic should be online. Always remember that most people still spend most of their times offline. They may have access on the Internet for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but still, you do not expect them to be spending their lives glued on computer screens.

What I am trying to tell you is that many have been ignoring the potential of offline marketing, throwing and wasting great opportunities and profits that should be already in your hands. A smart Internet marketer should always include offline marketing strategies such as offline magazine and newspapers as tactics to drive traffic into his or her website. Never underestimate the power of such strategy especially if your CPA campaigns and advertisements are something that targets a lot of local interests. You can easily advertise your domain URLs in a local newspaper or magazines or for cheaper ones, the “shopper” local newspapers.

Offline Advertising

One of the most popular ways of advertising your URLs and generate traffic on them is through offline publications. If you have an interesting site and that is focused to a particular group of people or profession, having them printed in highly targeted publications will greatly help you reaching your targets and lead them to your URLs.

We may have been doing article publication on various article directories such as Ezines and we knew how effective it is as it provides you a resource box wherein you can put your company’s URL or your email address. It is a low cost method, even free, to promote your online business and CPA offers. But why stop there? With a vast number of newspapers and magazines being printed on a daily basis, getting published in these offline publications is as effective as doing it online.

Promoting Online Business Offline

Here are some tips that may come in handy as you change your mindset and start creating traffic to your CPA offers through offline marketing.

1. You may want to contact your local newspaper department and offer them your products. You may tell them that you have something that will greatly help the community to save their time, generate income, improve their health or whatever your product has to offer. There are times that a reporter needs to interview you to extract necessary information about you and your products. Never forget to mention your URLs. You may want to tell them that they can visit your site if they want to learn more or if they want to contact you. This will definitely create a buzz. You, your product and your site will all be objects of interest, creating a ripple effect as the information spreads from one person to another, from one place to the other.

2. You may also take out small space for advertisements in certain newspapers and magazines to advertise your URLs. Believe me, this is quite cheaper compared to an ad in leading Ezine.

3. You can also leave flyers of brochures about your products in related stores and establishments.

4. Send out email or fax to person or business that you knew will be benefited to your offered products or services.

5. Lastly, you may also send at least professionally made press release and give them to local media for them to advertise. This may include a product review, testimonials or even celebrity endorsers.

With the above tips, never forget to show your readers what is waiting for them. A simple, “check out” may not do the trick. Try to be more creative and lure your readers to you. If for example you are inclined with the automobile business, then you may want to write an article such as Tips for Buying a New Car. In your article, you may want to put an “invitation” such as “find out how to buy a new car” then show your domain.

In this way, you are attracting people who would want to know how to buy new cars. Interested ones would surely take their time to fill out the necessary information and viola! You have earned your CPA money!

Just explore and discover other offline marketing strategies that might be useful in driving traffic to your CPA offers. Implement them and surely, your success in online business will surely follow.

By Bethann

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