In today’s world, the development of industry must not be separated from the powers. The powers mainly include two kinds of energy they are heating energy and the electric energy respectively. These two kinds of energy are the foundation of industrial development. However, there is more extensive use of electricity than heat energy use in the aspect of industry. The representation of heat energy utilization is the automobile industry and the representation of electricity utilization is the Electric Motor industry. In another word we can’t leave the electric motor because electric motor applications too many industrial fields, such as the paper industry, the food industry, the heavy industry and the electrical industry and so on…

Nowadays, the people and governments from all over the word are thinking about the same thing, that is, energy conservation and emission reduction. The good news is that people have come up with a lot of energy saving and emission reduction measures. There are four new technologies and methods of automobile energy saving and emission reduction.

Energy Conservation in Auto Mobile Industry

1. First of all, the gearbox is good used completely. The output speed of the engine is very high, the maximum power and maximum torque appear in a certain speed area. In order to play the best performance of the engine and saving energy, it is necessary to have a set of variable speed device, to coordinate the speed of the engine speed and the actual speed of the wheel.

The second one is the Engine suspension technology. In many countries people always meet traffic jam and sometimes they have to wait a long traffic signal light. There is a lot of energy waste during the waiting time because the engine is still running at that time. If we can get the engine to stop running or run at a low speed at that time, it will save a lot of energy.

The third one is the technology energy recovery of brake moment. When we have an emergency brake, the energy recovery device will be used to recover the energy and this energy will be saved in the device. This saved energy will provide a driving force when you start your car in the next time.

The last but not least one is the Hybrid power technology. The power system consists of an engine and an electric motor. Electric Motor drives the car to start and reach a certain speed quickly and then the engine continue drive the car. As we know the car consumes a lot of petrol or gas when the car started.

Energy Saving Effect of Frequency Inverters

Frequency inverter plays a very important role in the energy saving of the electric motor. In theory, the electric motor will rotate as long as it connects the power source supply directly. However, electric motor from standstill to fast operation will cause serious damage and lots of electric energy wasted to electric motor. In order to ensure the reliability of production, a variety of production machinery in the design of power with drive has a certain amount of surplus. Motor cannot run under full load condition, in addition to achieve the power driven requirements, the extra torque increases the active power consumption, result in waste of energy. So we must use the frequency converter to solve this situation.

Frequency inverter achieves energy saving from four aspects. The first of all is called Speed reducing and energy saving. When the speed of motor changed from N1 to N2 the Motor shaft power P2/p1= (N2/N1)*3 this shows that energy saving effect can be obtained by the low motor speed.

The second one is Dynamic adjustment of energy saving. Frequency converter can quickly adapt to load changes, the maximum supply voltage. Variable frequency speed governor in the software with 5000 times / second measurement and control output function, always keep the motor output high efficiency.

The third one is to adjust V/F. Frequency Converter can save energy by the V/F function of itself. In the case of ensuring the output torque of the motor, the V/F curve can be automatically adjusted. Frequency converter reduces the output torque of the motor and reduces the input current to achieve energy saving.

The last but not least one is soft start energy saving. The electric motor started need to absorb 6-7 times the motor rated current from the power grid when it was in the full voltage condition due to the need for the starting torque of the motor and large starting current is a waste of electricity the grid voltage fluctuations are damaged and it also greatly increased the line loss and damage.

After using of soft start, starting current can be from 0 to the rated current of the motor to reduce the impact of the starting current of the grid and saving electricity at the same time, but also it reduces the start-up inertia of equipment of large inertia speed impact to prolong the service life of the equipment. To learn more about variable frequency inverters.

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