November 28, 2021


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Electric powered Stamina pickup truck marks fresh new start out for Mahoning Valley

The Mahoning Valley has a new moniker and a new auto that backers believe marks a production turnaround in an spot battered by decades of plant closings.

Known as the Stamina, the electric pickup truck getting formulated by Lordstown Motors in the former General Motors plant in northeast Ohio, signifies the rebirth of what they are now calling “Voltage Valley.”

The organization introduced a prototype of the car or truck to the Statehouse lawn Wednesday to demonstrate off to legislative leaders and some others.

“We’re really here to change the industry and to transform the industry you have to be the best,” claimed Steve Burns, the firm’s CEO.

Lordstown Motors brought its prototype electric pickup truck called Endurance to the Ohio Statehouse to show state legislators and others Wednesday.

The motor vehicle name represents the stamina of the region and its workforce, and the difficult times they have gone by in the ups and downs of the auto business, he reported.

“In the beginning, we were being attracted because of the manufacturing facility, but the workforce there, the generations of workers that make autos, you just can’t get that everywhere and we are in a hurry,’’ he said.