Basically, electric meter maid vehicles are little electric cars that meter maids use when they drag around giving people like you a ticket. They are ridiculous and they make me laugh every time I see them so I thought it would be interested to have a showcase of as many as I could find on the net. I was actually very amazed to learn there were so many models of meter made cars.

The GO-4 Interceptor

This is the GO-4 Interceptor. It is produced by westward industries to be used by meter maids making their rounds. It features high visibility from the rear as well as the front making it very safe to drive. It has all the latest safety features such as brake lights and signaling capabilities. On top of all of that, the Interceptor also has reflective tape for safe night time driving so the driver can easily transition from day to night work.

The inside of this amazing machine features great comfort and easy use. All instruments are easy to use and understand making it a very good vehicle for someone who has trouble with learning new things.

One of the most amazing features is one taken from the aerospace industry is called, “LTI”. This feature is a state of the art sophisticated system that detects G force and notifies the driver if he/she is going to fast when coming to a turn. So, if the meter maid is going to fast, he/she has to make sure this feature is on to make sure the electric cart doesn’t flip over.

Westward industries also offers “extras”. These are optional little gadgets you can add to your meter-maid-mobile to make it more comfortable and user friendly. Some of these features include, padded armrests, storage boxes for Luch and other things meter maids need. In addition, you can add an AM/FM radio so you can listen to your favorite music as you gladly ticket people. My favorite of course is the rotating strobe light attachment. It’s not a cop car, but the meter maid must be feared.

All in all, this electric meter maid vehicle is not too bad. Actually it is one of the best I have seen.

By Bethann

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