In the first part of the blueprint of electric car conversion, I mentioned why this technological advancement is now the rave of the moment. I mentioned too, that emission of poisonous smoke into atmosphere from gas powered engines, poses serious danger to human and animal existences on planet earth. The other problem was the rising high price of gasoline. As you digest this part of Electric Car Conversion – Blueprint, you will get to know how to do the conversion effortlessly on your own. Join to serve the earth from global warming.

The manner is quite effortless to understand, if you are the one to do the conversion. It will be invaluable if you can buy an online guide that can guide you every step of the conversion process, so as to avoid blunder and incorrect adjustments. In some online stores; outside selling the conversion guide, there is also an electric car conversion kit on offer that is invaluable if you are the one to do the conversion.

To help you understand the process of electric car conversion; it involves the removal of the entire combustion engine, and then mounting an electric motor in place of the engine that has been detached. Then the batteries will be added in the system and these will serve as the power source that you can recharge whenever it runs out of energy.

After the conversion of your car into an electric automobile, look forward to running as far as 60 miles with a speed between 50 to 90 kilometers per hour. However if you are always confined to travel around the city, an electric car perfectly suit your needs.

This conversion process will cost you a maximum of US $500, which comprises the entire installation process of the electric motor and the batteries. It will only cost you this much for one time, and the next time you will spend this much for your car after three years when you change your batteries that will cost around US $300 to US $600.

By Bethann

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