Medical services are essential for the general public. In times of health emergencies, ambulance services are to the rescue. There are helpline numbers available to help patients and caregivers during emergencies.

As ambulance services are of great importance, the manufacturers of life-saving transport are the main leads. There are several ambulance manufacturers and vehicle suppliers all over the world. They are known to manufacture different ambulances to cater to the different needs of both the hospitals and the patients.

Types of Ambulance Transport:

There are various types of health emergencies in daily life. To handle these emergencies efficiently, there are different types of ambulances that help patients to receive the right treatment at the right time. Given below are some of the most common types of ambulances that are provided by ambulance vehicle suppliers.

  • Basic Ambulance: As the name suggests, these are used when the health emergency is not serious. An emergency medical technician is available to provide basic treatment and safely transfer the patient to the hospital for further medical procedures. Therefore, all basic health monitoring types of equipment like oxygen masks, bed, and oximeter are available to get to know the basic health condition of the patient.
  • Air ambulance: Airplanes and helicopters come under the category of air ambulances. These are used during sudden emergencies like accidents. Critical patients who are supposed to undergo surgeries in far healthcare centers are generally transferred using air ambulances. The expenditure of these ambulances is comparatively higher when compared to other services. All necessary healthcare pieces of equipment are also available in an air ambulance.
  • Patient Transport Ambulance Vehicle: These types of vehicles are generally used when the patient requires a particular treatment that is not available in the hospital in which the patient is admitted. Therefore, to transfer the patient to a different healthcare center, patient transport ambulance vehicles are used. These vehicles consist also consist of basic healthcare equipment to monitor the patient constantly.
  • Neonatal Ambulance: These are used for serious newborn babies or premature babies. In case the babies should be transferred to other healthcare centers, these are of great help. Special healthcare equipment to monitor the health of the infants are available in such ambulances.
  • Mortuary Ambulance: As the name suggests, mortuary ambulances are used to transfer the patients’ dead bodies. The body is generally stored in a freezer box and then transferred as instructed. Medical caregivers are available in this ambulance to ensure the safe transfer of the body to the family or any other place.

Ambulance manufacturers are known to supply various ambulances types based on the types of services offered by particular healthcare institutes. These suppliers use high-quality materials to manufacture ambulances that are long-lasting. The major aim of all ambulance vehicle suppliers is to manufacture ambulances that full the intended purpose. There are various types of models available for every type of ambulance. Healthcare professionals can purchase ambulance vehicles to fulfill the needs of their patients.

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