Advantages of Renting a Car over Buying One - Transition

In recent years renting cars has been on the rise with people preferring to rent vehicles than buying their own. People are also going for leased vehicles even when they possess their own. It has increased the number of companies offering leasing services in the world. Rental car insurance is one of the factors to understand before hiring a car. Rental car insurance is an optional type of insurance that you pay to ensure protection if the car gets an accident in your hands. It is classified into four major classes;
Supplemental liability insurance covers costs in case of any injuries incurred or the other person depending on who is at fault. The loss damage waiver would cover the damages on the car if the accident occurred while in your care. Personal accident insurance covers passengers ferried in the vehicle in case of injuries in an accident. The last category is the Personal effects coverage that covers the cost of replacing any personal effects like clothing, jewelry, computers that could be stolen in the rental car in case of an incident. Visit online reviews and easy rent cars for feedback, experiences of people renting cars and their complaints, and for more information about rental car insurance, go to Car Rental Insurance. Below are advantages and reasons why people go for hiring a car;
1. To drive newer brands
Suppose you want to drive the latest Mercedes, Porche, something luxurious that ideally would cost you the money you cannot afford. Hiring allows you to experience that feeling for the time you want. Maintaining and buying a car is very expensive, so please feel free and enjoy the thrill if you get an opportunity to hire one.
2. Comfort
Hiring is an excellent option to consider when you have friends or family, and using a public means seems cumbersome. Hiring is also good if you intend to take trips on a rough road and your car leaves feeling numb at the end of the journey. It gives you a chance to get a car with a large trunk to carry luggage and ample space to ensure people are comfortable even better with a sunroof if you go to a national park.
3. Save wear and tear
Renting is a better option for saving your car from wear and tear if you go for long distances. Long distances are likely to damage your vehicle, and you may want to keep the mileage low if your car is new or old. The cost of maintaining or repairing a car is costly. You want the longevity of your car and as minimum costs as possible.
4. Saves on fuel
If you have a car that consumes more gallons of gas and wants to visit family friends or take a road trip, you can consider leasing a vehicle that economizes on gas consumption. It will help you save money that would otherwise be spent on fuel, making it cheaper. 
5. To show off
It might be a compelling reason, but it is. Imagine you want to improve your image and sense of style, and you want the world to view you in that way. Rich and flamboyant. Hire a luxurious brand, wear great clothes and you will be talk of town. Moreso if you are young and would like to move in a beamer, a convertible with windows rolled down. It could boost your self-esteem, and if it brings you happiness, why not.
6. Test drive
If you intend to buy a certain model of car in future, hiring the car model is an excellent way to test its features and everthing you would love to test about the car. Hire it and take a rod trip, and it will help you make a decision. If your expectations are not met based on your reason of preference, you can always change and get one that makes you fulfilled. Keep hiring.
7. Needs are met
Your car might not meet all the specifications you need for different trips. You might need a sunroof on a tour to a game park, space if you are many on a particular journey, or lower fuel consumption. Hiring a car will enable you to pick a vehicle based on you need at all these times.
8. Freedom
Being in public transport limits you from many things; stopping when you want to, limits the views of particular places and the need to behave in a way to makes everyone comforatable. However, leasing enables you to be accessible, intimate and in charge of your items and the assurance of safety. You also decide on the routes you want to follow; the longer one you’re going to explore and have the money for gas which is not a luxury you can enjoy when using public means.
In conclusion, renting is an excellent option to transition to an ownership journey, and you should consider it.

By Bethann