2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Thinks It Can Charge Itself


2022 ford f150 lightning

Michael SimariCar and Driver

  • All Ford F-150 Lightning pickups come with a generator functionality that can use the battery pack to output electricity to a variety of outlets in the frunk, cabin, and bed.
  • If you plug the Lightning into by itself, it makes an attempt to cost alone.
  • No, this is not perpetual motion/unlimited electrical power/the fountain of youth.

    We experienced to try it. The new electric powered 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning will come with a generator function known as Professional Electricity Onboard. All variants output up to 2.4 kilowatts from a assortment of retailers in the frunk, cabin, and mattress. As an choice and bundled on the prime two trims, Lariat and Platinum, the capacity increases to 9.6 kilowatts. The greater-output variation includes a 240-volt, 30-amp outlet in the mattress that can be used for a wide variety of larger-attract needs, including charging an additional EV at a respectable 7.2 kilowatts. But what happens if you plug the Lightning into alone?

    Nicely, we were being just as shocked as anyone when the Lightning started off furiously moving electrons out of the battery pack by means of the outlet in the bed and then putting them straight again into the battery via the demand port on the driver’s-facet fender. The centre-stack exhibit dutifully shows the rear outlet maxed out at 7.2 kilowatts, though the gauge-cluster exhibit predicts a time when the charging will be entire. Cue a clickbaity headline from the shadowy dregs of the net: 1 Weird Trick Your Electric powered Organization Does NOT Want You to Know!

    2022 ford f150 lightning
    Charging will certainly not be total when it says it will.

    Michael SimariCar or truck and Driver

    2022 ford f150 lightning pro power onboard gauge
    The rear outlet is maxed out at 7.2 kilowatts.

    Michael SimariMotor vehicle and Driver

    In truth, there are losses affiliated with the system of converting the DC power saved in the battery to AC output to the charging equipment and then AC back again to DC by the demand port. Assuming 12 % losses, the Lightning could keep up this charade for about 150 several hours, or just more than 6 times, going the equivalent of about 8 situations the energy stored in its 131.-kWh extended-array pack ahead of it would be absolutely drained. It would be much less than that, essentially, as the generator perform shuts down when the state of demand will get lower.

    Can’t the truck determine out that the output and enter prices are ramping up in lockstep to sniff out this inane conduct? Seemingly not. And we have not noticed any Ford patent purposes for perpetual motion.

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