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Stash and other family realities

The sad reality of many families is the presence of stashes from one or both members of the family. It would seem: what’s special — everyone should have their own unaccounted-for money? «And Max Krainov is against.» There are several problems with stash: Firstly, this is a fraud in the family, which rarely ends in… Читать далее »

Life and Budget in Figures

9 months have passed since the publication of the first version of this list, and it’s time to make some adjustments. According to the programming tradition, an asterisk (*) will be marked with changes, and a plus sign (+) — additions. Here are some interesting indicators that will help you understand how things are with… Читать далее »

Working configurations and staff value

In the management theory of the company there is a subsection of «business configurations» and there is an assertion (at least for authors who can be read) that inside the same business model companies compete with configurations. Surely I already wrote about this on the blog, but for 15 years (fifteen years, Karl!) There are… Читать далее »

Power vacuum

It’s funny, but nobody used the term «power vacuum» seriously. Why — well, I do not know. Maybe because people did not come across this term or its manifestations. What is a «power vacuum»? It’s simple and difficult at the same time. If you think that for power in the company / division / department… Читать далее »