Stash and other family realities

By | 19.08.2017

The sad reality of many families is the presence of stashes from one or both members of the family. It would seem: what’s special – everyone should have their own unaccounted-for money? “And Max Krainov is against.”
There are several problems with stash:

  • Firstly, this is a fraud in the family, which rarely ends in something good. Lack of trust and behavior in the style of “well, what? He does not tell me, and I too can “undermine the respect of family members for each other. (I think you can save time on explanations?)
  • Secondly, why do we need stash? With women it’s easy: to buy perfume, a bauble of indeterminate value, to sit in a cafe with girlfriends. Why can not all this be bought in the open? Because the husband does not understand? (See the paragraph on trust). With men a little more difficult: money can go to electronic trinkets, alcoholic gatherings, as well as give ladies of easygoing behavior. Similar expenses: a) obviously it is not necessary to advertise; B) it is also not worth doing.
  • Thirdly, the presence of zanachek does not allow you to plan family finances. When there is a lot of money, there is very little to do. Zanachki “makes sense” to do when the hidden money would otherwise go to something remotely useful to the family. Thus, the actual monetary base turns out to be lower than the amount that could be calculated if the spouses trusted each other.
    Interested in the opinion of the audience – what other problems, in your opinion, cause hidden money from the spouse’s attention?

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