Competitive advantage – to be small and fast

As you know, there are three ways to become competitive: Be small and brisk. Keep spending under control, minimize transaction costs and do not introduce costly processes. Be more effective than competitors. Another way to achieve more with the same resources (through know-how or specific processes) Make products better than competitors. The most difficult way.… Read More »

Children and money

The last two years I tried not to touch this delicate topic, but I think it’s time. A very long time came to the conclusion that if you do not teach children to deal with finances, then this ignorance will greatly hurt in adulthood. Even when it comes to such things as the beginning of… Read More »

Stash and other family realities

The sad reality of many families is the presence of stashes from one or both members of the family. It would seem: what’s special – everyone should have their own unaccounted-for money? “And Max Krainov is against.” There are several problems with stash: Firstly, this is a fraud in the family, which rarely ends in… Read More »

Life and Budget in Figures

9 months have passed since the publication of the first version of this list, and it’s time to make some adjustments. According to the programming tradition, an asterisk (*) will be marked with changes, and a plus sign (+) – additions. Here are some interesting indicators that will help you understand how things are with… Read More »

Working configurations and staff value

In the management theory of the company there is a subsection of “business configurations” and there is an assertion (at least for authors who can be read) that inside the same business model companies compete with configurations. Surely I already wrote about this on the blog, but for 15 years (fifteen years, Karl!) There are… Read More »

Power vacuum

It’s funny, but nobody used the term “power vacuum” seriously. Why – well, I do not know. Maybe because people did not come across this term or its manifestations. What is a “power vacuum”? It’s simple and difficult at the same time. If you think that for power in the company / division / department… Read More »